The Witch's Hat

Don Cull is a self- taught artist and was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1941. He began painting in 1989 and joined the Kentucky Watercolor Society in 1993. Articles have been published about his Klingenfus Exhibit At the Brownsboro Gallery, in the Louisville Courier Journal and the Oldham Era newspapers. An article about his most recent Exhibition in Shelbyville, Kentucky at Shelby Artists on Main appeared in the Shelbyville Sentinel News. His paintings are in many private collections throughout the United States. He prefers to paint the people and the landscape around him.

This print is one of a limited number taken from an original water color painted by Don Cull of Shelbyville, Kentucky. The painting captures the mystery and spirit which surrounds Halloween. As you gaze into the print, you will be spellbound by its haunting and messmerizing affects. Is the pumpkin the only evidence of a life form or are there others hidden in the dark shadows? The print is unsettling in that one cannot be certain if it is meant to be harmless and portray friendliness or if something more sinister is lurking within.

I believe that it is destined to become a collectible and we are fortunate to have it available in our gift shop.

Dr. Ted

If you are interested in obtaining this print online, you can purchase it at the artists's website.



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